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In accordance with the State of Florida Department of Health, Smokeable Flower is now available, at approved MMTC locations, throughout the State.

If you have scheduled your appointment to have your recommendation updated, there is NO FURTHER ACTION required, other than coming in to see the Doctor.

For NEW Patients, Please CLICK Below to Begin Expediting Your Process.

*** Please Use Registration Code - “TriHealth” ***

After clicking "Accept Terms of Use and Register" you will be taken to the Consent Forms.

Please sign each one : Six (6) Total

1) Florida Required Medical Marijuana Consent Form (Post Evaluation)

2) Notice of Privacy Practices

3) Medical Marijuana Patient Agreement

4) Consent to Medical Marijuana treatment - FL

5) MM Patient Release of Medical Records

6) Authorization to allow 3rd party to apply on behalf of client as a Patient Advocate

Once Completed, please go to Questionnaires:

1) Medical Marijuana Initial

2) Review of Systems

3) Personal and Family History

4) Medications and Hormones

a.     If you get interrupted answering the questionnaire it will remain available for 30 minutes before your session times out.

b.    You must complete and save the questionnaire for it to be successfully submitted. 

c.    You may log out and login later to complete any remaining questionnaires, as long as the questionnaire is completed at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

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If you have medical records please bring them with you;

or,  sign the Release form we will also send you and we will order them on your behalf;

or, feel free to upload them to your portal with us, once you have created it;

or; if you do not have medical records you must tell the doctor that you have not been diagnosed by a physician in order for him to do a more comprehensive evaluation and give you a diagnostic.

Let us know if you have any problems or questions 

727-322-4588 or text  727-270-9841