Why do I have to see a physician to be able to purchase medical cannabis from a dispensary?

The state of Florida requires all candidates for medical cannabis to be approved by a certified recommending physician - You have to be entered into the state’s registry and have an active order, patient ID# and medical card to purchase.

How often do I have to see a physician?

The state requires you to have an in-person exam every 7 months to keep your recommendation active.

How much does it cost?

The in-person exam WITH your medical records/ being previously diagnosed with your qualifying condition is $169.

If you do NOT have medical records or have NOT been diagnosed previously for your qualifying condition we will be happy to help with that too. The cost for your exam WITHOUT records/ diagnosis is $225.


Why is it so much more for the exam if I haven't been diagnosed with my qualifying condition or I don't have medical records?

The state requires a diagnosis of one of the qualifying conditions to be considered for a medical cannabis recommendation. If you do NOT have a previously diagnosed condition or records stating such, our physicians will have to do a longer more in depth evaluation/ in-person exam to verify you qualify. 


What are the qualifying conditions?

On June 23rd the state issued a new list of qualifying conditions, you can view the full list here  to see if you qualify.


Do you accept medical insurance?

Unfortunately none of the medical Marijuana related expenses are currently covered by any of the medical insurance policies.


Do you offer a refund if I don’t qualify?

Yes. If you go to your in-person exam and your physician feels you do not qualify per Florida State guidelines you will receive a full refund.


Will I receive my recommendation the same day as my in-person exam?

Yes. If approved by your physician you will receive your patient ID# the same day as your in-person exam. Once you have your patient ID# you will have access to your registry information and be able to apply to the state for your medical card.


Do I have to be over 18 to use medical cannabis?

No. You must obtain your parent/guardian’s permission if you are under 18 and they must be present at all exams. A second opinion letter from another physician is required by the state and the state will also require the parent/guardian to be registered with the Office of Medical Cannabis Use as your “caregiver”; this is the only way you will be able purchase your medicine.


Is my information protected under the HIPAA privacy laws?

Yes. Your personal information is protected under HIPAA privacy laws just like any other physician’s office.


Do you offer any kind of veteran discount?

Yes we do! As a thank you for your service we offer a discount of $29 - Please call our office at 727-322-4588 and one of our qualified patient care coordinators will be happy to assist you!


I heard the 90-day rule is gone - Is that true?

Yes. The 90-day rule was eliminated on the 23rd of June - You can now see your physician, get approved, and apply for your medical card on the same day!


When can I actually purchase my medicine?

Once you receive your medical card in the mail from the Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) you will be able to purchase your medicine from any dispensing agent of your choosing. You can find the full list of current dispensing agents by clicking this link.


What products are available to purchase from the dispensaries? I heard you can’t “smoke” cannabis in the state of Florida - Is that true?

For a full list of products and prices you are welcome to visit any of the dispensaries websites - While “smoking” is not currently available in Florida there are many other options to suite your needs.


I haven’t received my medical card yet - Can you help?

While we understand the anticipation of your card’s arrival is tough we are unable to access any information regarding your card’s status - You actually have more access to your card information than we do. You can log on to your registry account and see the progress of your card by the green check marks or you can contact the OMMU at (850)245-4657.


What about my concealed weapons permit (CWP)?

The laws are still unclear about CWP and medical cannabis. We strongly suggest you reach out to the Department of Agriculture for a solid answer before booking your exam.


I read seasonal residents can now apply is that true?

Yes, Seasonal residents may now receive their medical card. The state deems a seasonal resident a person who resides in this state for at least 31 consecutive days in a row and can provide them with the appropriate documentation to show residency. Ex. Utility bill, driver's license, deed...


What exactly is a caregiver?

A caregiver is someone who is legally able to purchase medicine on the patient's behalf. This would be done for a child or someone who is unable to to do so for themselves. You would have the patient's physician enter you into the registry as their caregiver and then provide the state with the required documentation to show you are responsible for that person. Ex. power of attorney or in the case of a minor a birth certificate.